Prince Pickleball

Changing The Shape of Pickleball

For nearly than 50 years, Prince has been a leader in the racquet sports industry by continually bringing industry-leading technology for squash and tennis. Innovation began with the first patented oversize racket with a larger sweet spot than had ever been possible. Prince has continued to be an innovative player in the racket sport space. In 2018, Prince and Paddletek came together to launch the Prince pickleball line, combining paddle design excellence with racquet sports engineering experience. Prince’s line of pickleball paddles leverage innovative technology to provide players with an incredibly large sweet spot. Prince paddles deliver unmatched of control and power through the unique rounded face shape. The polymer cores in Prince paddles are backed by a 1-year guarantee against dead spots. Prince pickleball paddles have been embraced by some of the top players in the sport. Top-ranked Simone Jardim used her Prince Response Pro at the 2018 US OPEN to win a Triple Crown, three gold medals in the three pro events. Prince paddles are engineered and manufactured in the USA.